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* Terms and conditions apply.

Your garden bag is STRICTLY
for garden waste only.

Lawn clippings, palm fronds, small to medium branches, shrub pruning, hedge trimmings, leaves, weeds, grass and so on.

All green waste is taken to a recycling centre and turned into garden mulch and used in places like local parks. So your green waste needs to be a clean green load to be accepted.

The bag and frame remain the property of A Local Garden Bags and any damage other than fair wear and tear will be the responsibility of the account holder. Replacement or repair costs will be added to your account at a cost of $15 per bag and $30 per frame.
Minimum of 4 pickups required.

What NOT to put
in your garden bag.

  • Dirt / Soil
  • Animal Excrement
  • Plastic of any kind
  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Cans
  • Flower Pots
  • Bricks
  • Concrete
  • Glass and General Rubbish of any kind

Do not overfill garden bag.

The flaps of the garden bag must be able to be folded over to prevent any waste spilling on to your property, footpath or road.

Over filled garden bags will not be taken or will incur extra charges. Your garden bag must be kept at a moveable weight. If you can’t move it we can’t move it. Garden Bags do not have to be full for us to change them.

A full garden bag of lawn clippings can weigh up to 100kg (dry) and 150kg (wet). 60kg limit applies. Overweight garden bags will not be taken or will incur extra charges.

If a bag is overfilled or overweight and we can not move it, We will leave a second bag for you to distribute the overfilled or overweight garden bag into 2 garden bags, Which will be collected on the next collection, There is a charge for each bag.

$18 for each garden bag only covers up to 60kg of weight, If the garden bag is over 60kg and the driver takes it, There will be a $3 per 10kg over weight charge to pay for disposal.

Extra bags

All extra garden bags will be only collected and dropped off with the regular pickup cycle.


It is important that you contact us if no pickup is required, If you do not require a pickup one month contact us by text, email or ring at least 48 hrs before the garden bag is changed and no charge will apply for that pickup. The following months collection will then continue as usual. Only 4 weekly collections can be postponed for a maximum of one collection in a row. The following months collection will then continue as usual. 8 weekly pickups cannot be postponed and will be charged every 8 weeks regardless if full or empty.

If you are going away on holidays etc you will need to contact the office directly and special arrangements will be made.



Each pickup you will receive an invoice in your letterbox showing your payment details and next pickup date. The date can be found under the balance at the bottom of the invoice. Pickup dates are shown as W/c (week commencing) and your garden bag will be picked up during that week. Payment is required in advance or can be left attached to the garden bag.

All accounts must be payed within 14 days.

BSB 034053
ACC 253031
REF Put your alocalgardenbags Ref / account number

Please note: A Local Garden Bags reserves the right to engage a debt collection agency at your expense if there are any unpaid invoices overdue by more than 60 days. Failure to pay legitimate amounts owing may result in us registering the default with a credit reporting agency. Join Up Now on the Contact us Page OR Phone Donna on 0422906041